Lion - Quaterman vom Herzogshut.


Lion was born April, 10th, 2010 in kennel "vom Herzogshut".


Lion is our Jack of Hearts. He is a dog, as we might wish it to us no better: Lion is an very pleasant dog in all cases. He has a very balanced character and likes to join us, wherever we may go. Lion is intelligent, learns quickly and enjoys it when you deal with him. Even as a baby, he did not destroy anything.

Lion has a beautiful thick coat. He does not tend to felt. Once a week he will be brushed, bathed and clipped every 3-5 weeks. More care is not required.

Lion has a very elegant dog and he has a light-footed and prancing gait.

We would have never thought to let him write suitable for breeding, he would not turn out so very well .....

The fitness for breeding alone , was not sufficiant for us. We let him test, of course, to HD (A1), cataract and PRA - he is free. In addition, we also did genetic testing on Willebrandt desease, neonatal encephalopathy and degenerative myleopathy - he is everywhere tested N / N - that is free and he is not a carrier.

We did a color genetic test, too. Lion is B / b (he carries black and brown), KB / Ky (he is solid in the pigmented areas and carries no brindle) and a / a (a is recessive to at and he does not carry sable). Since he is apricot, he carries on the e-locus e / e.

Lion is therefore also of interest for the breeding of black-and-tans. Black-and-tans have the color combination E / e (or E / E), ky / ky, and at / at (or at / a).

Lions Pedigree